Sun and showers and tree felling

“April showers bring May flowers” as the saying goes. But May showers? They bring weeds, m’kay? Anyway, weeding is the Ultimate Pandemic Activity IMO: a) you’re socially distanced b) outdoors c) wearing gloves anyway and c) talk about cathartic – ripping out weeds will really let out any anger you might have!

With that in mind, Matt and I went out to PG to weed a bit. And there we found Joe who was watering his little area by the bench. He and Jon refinished the bench, made the signs and solar lights and have been refilling the bird feeders to boot. I propose a Garden Volunteer Award 2020 for each of them!

I cleared the path from the top of the steps to the top of the garden – about 3 giant tubtrugs of weeds to the composter. Matt was doing something but I have no idea what.

And today, Chris emailed to show me that the final dead Monterey pine has been removed! Where were those logs falling? Into the garden? I have no idea.  But it’s (almost, probably, mostly) gone! So I’m happy!

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