Still volunteering, but not together

We decided not to have the workday last weekend, as social distancing is still in effect, However, I went to he garden to weed on Sunday and was delighted to see Jon there with his doggo.

To my surprise and delight, Jon and his friend whose name escapes me (sorry!) have REFINISHED THE BENCH. And also printed up and laminated some great signs and added some solar lights at the garden and refilled the bird feeders and… I don’t know what to say!

I was so thrilled by this. Jon you are a lovely man. Thank you.

I set about weeding happily at the steps, and in an hour they are really looking good. Yes, it’s just about impossible to find a plant that wants to act a a weed-suppressing ground cover there – I have tried so many things. But for right now that look good. I do need to find a way to tie back the unruly Phlomis purpurea that’s flowering away there and leaning into the path there. but I don’t feel too mad at them.

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