IHS Markit team and the battle of the weeds!

Women getting ish done

Julianna from IHS Markit emailed me a while back looking to do a VTO day at the gardens for her team. We’re always thrilled to show new people why the garden was started, and hopefully get them excited about drought tolerant gardening. or at the very least squeeze a couple hours of hard work out of them!

Sadly, we didn’t have a drop of rain in February but HAPPILY that made for a wonderfully warm and sunny Friday for Julianna’s team to visit PG and do battle with the emerging horde of weeds we have there.

Before and after

Ten of the finest IHS Markit team’s people assembled at PG, and Matt and Josh described the day’s duties. Suitably prepared for the job with gloves and tools, the team headed to the top of the garden to eradicate weeds and uncover plants – a lot of them recently planted – who were trying to compete with all the new growth.

In just two hours they cleaned the whole area, and I know that not only will dog walkers be very grateful, but the new plants we put in there will not have to compete for light and nutrients now and will grow on much better.

Compost hero!

Matt also asked one of the team to turn our newly filled compost bins. This is a pretty good workout for whoever does it, and our brave volunteer managed to turn TWO bins into one, which massively speeds up the composting process. It’s a tough job, so it’s especially wonderful when a volunteer tackles it.

All in all, the IHS Markit team was a joy, an we can’t wait to have them back to visit us. Go team!

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