False pretenses

I lured Josh to the October workday by saying we were planting new plants. On the day as we loaded the truck I realized we didn’t actually have plants ready to go in the ground this week but it was too late to tell Josh to stay home. Haha. That would never happen 😉

Despite this he was his always cheerful self, and along with Matt, Chris, Bill and Hilary we worked away in the warm sun and got a few fun tasks done.

Bill turned the compost – emptying one bin completely and almost another, and getting several trugs of compost out which was spread around where needed. It’s a really solid workout doing that, and I so appreciate anyone who turns compost. Rock on Bill!

Hilary cut back Salvia leucanthas. When the rains come they will spring back into action looking superb, so it was great to get that done at just the right time. Will we get some rain soon? Forecast says it’s a definite maybe…

All those salvias went into the compost heap, and we also filled 7 paper bags for 311 to pick up – all the non compostable sticks and other things that take forever to break down in our bins go in those bags, and get composted elsewhere.

Chris removed a santolina that was past it’s sell by date, and also the Dasylirion wheeleri in the middle back bed which had sadly rotted out after flowering. He replaced that plant with a good sized Agave weberi “Arizona Star” that was at the bottom of the steps and really too big for that spot – great swap!

Then what to put in the spot at the bottom of the steps? Well, a cactus that was there had been struggling due to a bramble crushing it. Chris and Josh removed and replanted the cactus, and gave the bramble a haircut.

Matt deadheaded a lot of Stachys byzantina (Lamb’s Ears) and watered the plants that needed it. And I cut back a Phlomis.  I must have done more than just that, but somehow I can’t recall!

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